Oncotherapy Resource Limited (ORL)

ORL aims to bring mobile, managed, radiotherapy services closer to patients. In the UK, breast cancer patients have benefited from ORL’s SD-IORT in several hospitals including Spire Montefiore Hospital in Brighton, Nuffield Health in Brighton, Spire Thames Valley and Spire Hospital in Bristol. The treatment is also already available at BMI Goring Hall in Worthing. ORL’s pioneering single dose radiotherapy treatment is expertly delivered at the point of surgery, offering patients a convenient and effective treatment experience. 

In addition to providing managed radiotherapy services, ORL are the UK distributor of the Xoft Axxent electronic brachytherapy system and accessories.

The Team

Mr Charles Zammit-MD, FRCS , FRCS, FRCS 
SD-IORT Breast surgeon mentor

Mr Ekambaram Babu-MS, FRCS
SD-IORT Breast surgeon mentor

Mr Phil Tapper
Medical Physics Expert

Miss Sarah-Kate Williams BSc hons 
Radiotherapy Lead/Business Development Executive


Xstrahl Group

Xstrahl Group own and operate Oncotherapy Resources Ltd. For over 30 years Xstrahl has been shaping the development of superficial and orthovoltage therapies. Responding to very real clinical need and drawing on the knowledge and expertise of healthcare professionals. ORL fits perfectly into the Xstrahl service offering by providing innovative radiotherapy solutions that deliver positive patient outcomes.