How to book SD-IORT

ORL have national contracts with Spire, BMI and Nuffield Healthcare groups as a preferred supplier. ORL works on a 72-hour notice basis, meaning patients can access the required treatment in just a few days. 

If your hospital site already uses ORL’s managed service for SD-IORT, please follow the hospital’s procedure for booking. ORL require a minimum of 72 hours notice for all bookings, including confirmation of patient, date and time required and a purchase order. 

If your hospital does not currently offer the SD-IORT service, please see the ‘Contact us’ section of the website to make an enquiry. 

If you are a patient and wish to find out more about SD-IORT, information on the Hospitals and Surgeons that are offering this treatment can be found on the 'Where is SD-IORT available?' Page.