ORL service offering

Oncotherapy Resources Ltd (ORL) offers a mobile and managed service providing cost-effective breast SD-IORT on a fee per patient basis.

ORL utilises the Xoft® Axxent Electronic Brachytherapy System to deliver SD-IORT. The system is a simple-to-use, portable treatment device. More information can be found at www.xoftinc.com. Because the Xoft® Axxent System is mobile and requires minimal shielding, it can be used in local or regional hospitals, providing access to cutting-edge radiotherapy for breast cancer patients anywhere in the UK.

ORL's service enables hospitals to offer patients ‘One dose, one treatment, one day’, radiotherapy option for early breast cancer employing cutting-edge technology, without the need for capital equipment purchase, maintenance costs or service charges, and at a low fee per patient (fully reimbursed by major insurers).

ORL provides certified training on the Xoft® System SD-IORT technique and procedure using a team of mentor surgeons. The fully managed service ensures minimal impact on hospital capacity and staffing requirements. 

ORL already provides SD-IORT with the Xoft® System for UK patients at Nuffield, Spire and BMI Healthcare hospitals.

What is included in the service?

  • Delivery, QA, safety checks, set up and removal of machine
  • An ORL operator on site to plan and deliver SD-IORT
  • IR(ME)R regulations fully met
  • Xoft certified surgeon mentoring included (1st patient)
  • All consumables and spares provided
  • Lead screens and dosimeters supplied
  • RPA (radiation protection advisor) approval and advice
  • Fees charged on a per patient treated basis

Summary of benefits

  • No capital equipment outlay
  • No maintenance costs or service charges
  • X-ray based / not an isotope (50kV)
  • No specialist shielding required in theatre
  • No capital equipment purchase required
  • A complete system for delivering breast SD-IORT, CE and FDA approved
  • SD-IORT can remove the need for 3 to 5 weeks of EBRT 
  • Fully reimbursed by major insurers with dedicated CCSD codes in place
  • Treatment times are short (8-12 minutes)
  • Our treatment protocol is based on the TARGIT A trial and 5 year published clinical data
  • Just 72 hours notice required