Information on the system

ORL utilises the Xoft® Axxent Electronic Brachytherapy System to deliver SD-IORT. The system is a simple-to-use, portable treatment device. More information can be found at The Xoft® Axxent System is an isotope free SD-IORT device, which uses a disposable miniature x-ray tube (50kV). Minimal radiation shielding is required, avoiding the need to adjust operating theatres and enabling medical personnel to remain with the patient during treatment. 

The Xoft® Axxent System is FDA cleared, CE marked and licensed in a growing number of countries including the UK for the treatment of cancer. The Xoft Axxent System can be used for a variety of indications including Breast IORT, non melanoma skin cancers and gynaecological cancers.

More than 3,000 early stage breast cancer patients have now been treated with the Xoft® Axxent System worldwide. SD-IORT for early stage breast cancer is a simple, safe and effective treatment option for suitable patients. After the tumour has been removed, radiation is targeted directly into the tumour bed using a saline-filled balloon-shaped catheter placed inside the cavity for 8-12 minutes, delivering a standardised dose of 20Gy to the catheter surface in one treatment, helping to destroy any remaining cancerous cells.