Single dose radiation treatment for early stage breast cancer

One dose, one treatment, one day

Single Dose Intraoperative Radiotherapy (SD-IORT) is a single dose of radiotherapy (20Gy) applied directly to the tumour bed immediately following wide local excision and while patients are still under anaesthetic, sparing surrounding healthy tissues from radiation exposure and can eliminate the need for post-operative radiotherapy in most patients. 


What is single dose IORT?

In appropriate patients with early stage breast cancer, a single dose of intra-operative radiotherapy is an effective alternative to a full course of daily radiotherapy treatment over several weeks. 

SD-IORT enables patients to receive radiotherapy earlier, reduces exposure of surrounding normal tissue to radiation, can provide better cosmetic results, and offers improved quality of life and convenience compared to External Beam Radiotherapy (EBRT). 

Women who receive SD-IORT have shown superior radiation-related quality of life parameters compared with those who have EBRT, experiencing less pain, breast and arm symptoms, and fewer restrictions in daily activities. 

SD-IORT is a safe and effective alternative to EBRT, which is well tolerated with a low rate of adverse events and associated with low morbidity. 

SD-IORT is a pre-pathology treatment, if a patient is found to have upgraded histology following SD-IORT, EBRT is required.  In this instance SD-IORT is not wasted and will act as the tumour bed ‘boost’. When the margin is involved, SD-IORT should be followed by re-excision and EBRT indicated.